Sunday, 3 October 2010

MATHS PUZZLE # 1 (Second Year of Project)

A man says:
‘My father was born in 1930 and he is a year older than my mother. On their wedding day they both were older than 20 and they got married a year of which the sum of its digits is 18.
As for me, I was born some years later and the sum of the digits of that year also equals 18.
And guess what? Another coincidence: the sum of the digits of the year in which I turned 18  is also 18.
Can you tell me how old I will be in 2018?'
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Since his father was born in 1930, his mother in 1931 and both of them were older than 20, the year they got married must be a year after 1951.
Now the possible years of which the sum of the digits equals 18 can be   1953,  1962,  1971 and 1980.
When this man turned 18, the digits of that year also summed 18 so the only possible answer is 1962 because 1962+18=1980 (a year of which the sum of the digits also makes 18). Thus, his parents got married in 1953, he was born in 1962,he turned 18 in the year 1980 and, finally, in the year 2018 he will be 56.(2018-1980=38, so  38+18=56)


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