Friday, 29 October 2010

EU COMPETITION (First leg of Second Year)

E.U. Competition # 2 (First Leg of Second Year) Hi everybody!! Thanks for your answers. We are keeping a list of all the students who answered the questions alright and we will also send a reader to the fastest student who submitted them!!! Here we are again with three more questions about Europe for you to find out before the 15th of November. Send your answers please to
1.-You have probably heard the tragic news about the Merapi volcano erupting in Indonesia. Now, do you remember the name of another volcano, in Europe, whose ashes caused air-traffic havoc last April? Where is it?
2.-Which countries in Europe have the word ‘land’ in their names in English? (Example: Switzerland)
3.-And now, because the first two questions were both easy and short a bit of TRIVIA:
a) Who painted ‘The Water Lily Pond’ in 1899?
b) When DST ends, all clocks will retreat from 03.00 to 02.00 . But, what does DST stand for and for how long have we been putting it into practice in Europe?
c) Which drink did Bach enjoy so much that he wrote a cantata for it?
d) I am sure it is played in your country too. Which is the odd one out: queen, king, pawn, bishop, cardinal, castle?
e)What links Sartre, Nietzsche, Descartes and Russell?
Well, the solution and new questions in a fortnight’s time! And Happy Halloween!! "!☻☺ "!☻☺"!☻☺
1)Eyjafjallajökull In Iceland
2) Ireland, Finland,  Iceland, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Scotland, England (and Greenland).

a)Claude Monet
b)DST stands for Daylight Saving Time. We have been using it since 1966 in most European countries clocks 

(or just the opposite) respectively in the last weekends of March and October.
c) coffee
d)cardinal (all the others can be found on a chess board)
e) They are philosophers.

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