Tuesday, 14 June 2011


 Hi Everybody! Here you have an easy exercise. Remember you have to say which one should be left out and why too.
Example: Federer, Messi, Nadal, Murray. Solution: Messi, who is not a tennis player like the others.
1.- Gala, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Carbonara.
2.- 37,47,57,67
3.- Edinburgh, Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxemburg
4.- rite, rate, write, right
5.- Zinc, Iron, Gold, Potassium
6.- The Strand, Microsoft, Moriarty, 221b Baker Street
7.- Hook, House, Sklodowska, Who
8.- Bruges, Cambridge, Carcassone, Venice
9.-May Day, St George's Day, Shrove Tuesday, All Rains Day
10.-Ironic, Adriatic, Caspian, Irish  
Yes, some of them are reeeaaaaally easy! Come on! Send your answers ASAP to iescampanar11@gmail.com    There are two readers waiting for you!! Cheerio!
1.- Carbonara. It is not a variety of apples.
2.-57. It is not a prime number like the others.
3.-Edinburgh is not seat of the EU.
4.-Rate. All the other words are pronounced the same  /rait/
5.-Potassium. The other three are three of the only five elements in the periodic table with 4 letters.
6.-Microsoft. All the others are related to Sherlock Holmes.
7.-Sklodowska (Marie Curie). She was a woman doctor. None of the others are, neither were they real doctors.
8.-Free answer: Some students said euros are not used in Cambridge, others mentioned Bruges does not contain a "c" in its name etc...
9.-All Rains Day is not a festival in Britain.
10.-Ironic. All the others are seas.

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