Saturday, 1 May 2010


At Valencia IES Campanar school, the celebrations of the World Book Day took place with different activities both on the 23rd and on the 30th . Last Friday, the Comenius Literary Contest Awards prepared for the 10 winning students as well as those for the Maths Puzzle Competition and EU Competition were presented during a concert which included poems recited and music played by our students.
In the photo above you can see (on the right) Pilar García, IES Campanar Head Teacher Deputy, who has just given Fernando Escuin, the Comenius Project Coordinator, the certificates previously mentioned so that they can travel to Lipník, and one of the IES Campanar students, Joan Josep Pla, receiving his Maths Puzzle Award, the book and the red rose.
During the whole of last week, all the literary contest entries from the different countries had a place in the exhibition held in the hall of the school to celebrate World Book Day.
"Per Sant Jordi, una rosa vermella i un llibre escrit entre tots" (On St George's Day -23rd April, a red rose and a book written by and among us all). Thank you everybody!
The Spanish party travelling to the Czech Republic also decided to send all the Comenius family a photo (below) looking forward to seeing them all.