Monday, 19 April 2010

"Hero of War" Literary Contest

   'The S.I. Engine'  Comenius Project.
Schools taking part in it:
*Gymnasium Oedeme. LÜNEBURG (Germany)
*Gymnázium LIPNÍK NAD BEčVOU (Czech Republic)
*Bródy Imre Gimnázium AJKA (Hungary)
*Collège Sismondi, GENEVA (Switzerland)
*IES Campanar. VALÈNCIA (Spain)
List of finalists in each country –Comenius Project –
Daniel Klein, Frederic Braun ,Lauritz Miarka, Linard Furck,Yannic Sperling, Daniela Denda, Marie Bryzgalski, Mirjam Koch, Sara Diep, Violetta Spöler
Andrea Miszori, Tamás Baranyai, Abel Futo, Gabriella Horvath, Zsofia Zentai, Dóra Kléri, Richard Kolat, Krisztina and Anita Horvath, Viktor Tóth
Monica Da Costa, Jean-Claude Halter, Jonathan Teixara, Juliette Krauer, Kosala Monia, Morgane Muller, Sophie Desbiolles, Stephanie Schoepfer, Vicky Marro, Elisabeth Guadagnolo, Jasmina Peku.
Czech Republic
Petr Bača, Jan Kolajta, Jiří Chovanec,Katka Schovánková, Kieu Nguy,Miša Halamová, Zuzka Ledvoñová, Ondra Hanousek.
Lara Montalvá, Silvia Roig, Rafael Ibáñez, Hui Ting Chen, Laura Martínez, Carles Ángel, Adrià Berga, Julia Máñez, Isabel Ángel, María Palanca.
The high quality of all the finalists’ writings, which were submitted by the 5 schools, has made it really difficult to reach an agreement on which one is actually the best.
The topic “Hero of War” has been presented as a poem, letter, tale, short story, diary entry and essay. Interpretations have also been different, fighting soldiers, ghosts from the past, cancer, pollution, sexism or getting aware of our ancestors’ suffering, of personal experiences and of disabilities.
IES Campanar celebrates, as every year, UNESCO World Book Day on the 23rd of April with different activities and the names of the winners below will be read and a certificate will be issued with their respective awards. On the other hand, most of the writings by these or the other finalists are already being exhibited in the hall of the school for the students, teachers and parents to read and enjoy.
Thank you to everybody for your effort and collaboration.
And the awards go to………… LIST OF WINNERS
-For the artful treatment of subject matter Daniel Klein (Lüneburg)
-For the overall aesthetical effect Andrea Miszori (Ajka)
-For the overall emotional effect Hui Ting Chen(Valencia)
-For the writing organization and logic Marie Bryzgalski (Lüneburg)
-For a most creative short story Elisabeth Guadagnolo(Geneva)
-For a most original essay Miša Hala (Lipník)
-For a really beautiful short story Morgane Muller (Geneva)
-For the quality of insight Tamás Baranyai (Ajka)
-For its sense of humour Ondra Hanousek (Lipník)
-For being integrative and well-organized Isabel Ángel (Valencia)
The 10 students will receive a small gift , a reader, compliment of MacMillan Publishers in Valencia and a Certificate prepared by our school. All these entries will be posted onto the blog in a few days too together with a photo of the event.  

                                                            Valencia 20th April 2010

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