Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Happy Easter! Winners of the Maths Puzzle Competition

Due to the high level of the participants in the Maths Puzzle Competition, we have decided that all the ones mentioned below will receive a small gift, a reader, from us. Apart from that their respective countries will honour them as real MATHS PUZZLE CHAMPIONS!!! Congratulations to them all!!!

Zsofia Zentai (Hungary)
Maté Fenyvesi (Hungary)
Reka Vass (Hungary)
Kristynna Mandá ková ( Czech Republic)
Joan Josep Pla (Spain)
Luisa Wiechert (Germany)
Julian Kaping (Germany).
Tobias Latta (Germany)

Happy Easter
Happy Spring
Happi  ness
May this blog bring!

By the way, do you know where the word Easter comes from?
We have hidden some Easter Eggs somewhere on the blog. See if you can spot them alright!!
Yeah! An Egg Hunt!!!
Ta ta!

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