Saturday, 30 January 2010


Our first question this time is for Notable Seconds: Which is the second most populated city in each of the following countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Switzerland?
Question 2: Who has been re-elected as EU Ombudsman and what does an Ombudsman do?
And finally a twofold question: Could you tell us which political system the countries in question 1 have and also which percentage of non-nationals of their total population?
Best of luck! Send your answers to
Congratulations to Strang Zsanett, who got all the answers to last fortnight's competition alright!!
1.-Brno (Czech Republic), Hamburg (Germany), Debrecen (Hungary), Barcelona (Spain) and Geneva (Switzerland).
2.-Mr Nikiforos Diamandouros.
The European Ombudsman is committed to ensuring that citizens, NGOs, associations and companies, are aware of their right to complain about maladministration in the EU institutions.
3.-Parliamentary Republic (Czech Republic and Hungary), Federal Parliamentary Republic (Germany), Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy (Spain) and Federal State with Parliamentary System and direct Democracy (Switzerland).
Percentage of non-nationals: 6% in Hungary and Czech Republic; 9% in Germany; 12% in Spain and 22% in Switzerland.

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